All Change!! After a renal transplant and a rare cancer transferred from the donor I wrote about the journey and aftermath ……. Please go to +

This Blog is about me, Robert Law, events in my life, the people around me and anything interesting which my mind alights on. The vision I have of it at the moment is that it will start ( as I write in July ) at a point in my past which changed the direction of my life, although there have been many. I have chosen that point to be 1984 but it will cover lots of ground from then till now, hopefully in some chronological order.

Because of the way WordPress works this blog is written and posted with the newest articles at the top. To make sense read from the bottom up and the oldest to the latest dates, July August etc. You can also click on the cloud Tags which lead to articles with those keywords in or select from the Archives, Pages or Categories.

Hope it isn’t too complex to navigate but please let me know. Please feel free to comment on any of the articles.

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